Animal dentistry represents 60% of the procedural load at My Local Vet. Needless to say we’re good at it! We have a dedicated dental suite comprised of exactly the same instruments you would find in a human dental clinic. Our digital dental radiology ensures we don’t miss a thing and we always take the time to show our clients exactly what we find on x-ray. Our veterinarians have undergone post-graduate training in animal dentistry to ensure they’re up to speed with contemporary techniques and technology. Most importantly, they will explain dental disease and required treatment in a way that’s easy to understand. For more information about dental disease in pets read this article:

General anaesthesia at My Local Vet: The safety of our patients is paramount so we have invested heavily in expensive equipment and staff training to ensure vigilant patient monitoring. Every anaesthetised patient has a dedicated nurse monitoring them throughout their procedure and all patients receive intravenous fluids before, during and after. This ensures adequate hydration, optimising metabolism of anaesthetic drugs and enables excellent blood pressure management.