When a pet is microchipped this involves placing a large needle (containing the chip) under the skin, in between the shoulder blades. You can imagine that this would be significantly more uncomfortable than say, the needle used for vaccination which is comparatively quite small. There are different sized microchips on the market. At My Local Vet we use the smallest microchip which is specifically designed to cause minimal discomfort to your pet. We also apply a local anaesthetic cream to your pet’s skin before injecting the microchip under the skin. This cream is vital to ensuring your pet’s comfort during microchipping and will prevent your pet from becoming afraid of the vet due to pain otherwise experienced during microchipping. The cost of microchipping at My Local Vet is $74 and this includes topical anaesthesia and microchip registration which we do for you online on the same day! This means your pet’s registration is effective instantaneous as opposed to having to wait the usual six weeks for your registration to be effective.

If your pet is anaesthetised for any reason, such as desexing, the cost of microchipping is only $45!