Your Pet’s Stay at My Local Vet for Surgery

Hospital Bed

Your pet will be placed in their very own hospital bed, separate from other animals. We ensure your pets are in a warm, safe & comfortable environment for the duration of their stay.

Full Physical Examination

Your pet will be examined thoroughly by our experienced and knowledgeable vet to ensure nothing is overlooked before giving an anaesthetic.

Pre-Anaesthetic Blood Test

We highly recommend that your pet have a  pre-anaesthetic blood test prior to their procedure.  This is an extra precaution to ensure your pet is a healthy candidate for anaesthesia. It is a great way to confirm a normal blood cell count and to assess their kidneys and liver. These organs are vital in helping their body metabolise the anaesthetic medications.

Fluid Therapy

Your pet will be provided with intravenous fluids throughout the procedure. Intravenous fluids help maintain your pet’s blood pressure and support the liver and kidneys in metabolising and flushing out anaesthetic medications.

Pain Relief

Pain relief will be provided for your pet before, during and after their procedure. You will also be given a supply of pain relief medication to take home in order to ensure your pet has a comfortable recovery.


General anaesthesia at My Local Vet: The safety of our patients is paramount so we have invested heavily in expensive equipment and staff training to ensure vigilant patient monitoring. Every anaesthetised patient has a dedicated nurse monitoring them throughout their procedure and all patients receive intravenous fluids before, during and after. This ensures adequate hydration, optimising metabolism of anaesthetic drugs and enables excellent blood pressure management.

At My Local Vet we use both intravenous and gas anaesthesia.


We have a dedicated operating theatre reserved solely to our surgical procedures.

All of our instruments are sterilised using a human hospital grade autoclave and strict disinfection protocols are adhered to at all times.


The same nurse will be allocated to your pet before, during and after their procedure to ensure they are comfortable, warm and safe for their entire stay (and also to give them plenty of cuddles!).