The core vaccine for dogs is called a C5 and for cats it’s an F3. There are many different brands of C5 and F3 vaccines available to vets. The C5 vaccine used by My Local Vet is called Nobivac DHP and KC. This brand is extremely effective at stimulating a dog’s immune system to reliably produce enough antibodies to provide protection. This means that for puppies we can give one KC from 6 weeks of age and one DHP from 10 weeks of age and that’s it until next year! Not only will your puppy receive less injections than some other vaccine regimes but they can go outside earlier because they will be protected from 11 weeks of age! Early exposure to other dogs is essential for their normal social development.

What about Adult Dogs? The other great thing about the Nobivac DHP vaccine is that your adult dog will only need an injection every 3 years! Even if your dog has never been vaccinated they will only require a single Nobivac vaccine to stimulate immunity. Also, it’s safe and effective to use Nobivac vaccines even if your dog has received a different brand of C5 vaccine previously.