How to Tablet a Cat

For most people giving their cat a tablet is a complete circus at best. The cat usually gets the drift that something is awry early on and the struggle that ensues invariably leaves the owner frazzled +/- covered in saliva and the cat wondering how their owner came to be possessed by the devil. Here’s a helpful step by step process that will make tableting episodes less of a palaver and more of an exhibition of feline whispering prowess!


1. Pat the kitty
2. Give the kitty a little treat ( Dine Treat Sachets work a charm!)
3. Once treat has been consumed pat the kitty some more
4. Hold tablet in right hand in-between thumb and index finger
5. Have someone hold kitty’s body
6. Place index finger and thumb of left hand just behind the canine teeth on the upper jaw
7. Swivel remaining fingers of left hand around such that little finger and ring finger are spread apart at the back of kitty’s head
8. Tilt kitty’s head back so that nose is pointing towards the sky
9. Open lower jaw with middle finger of right hand and either place or drop tablet at the back of the mouth where the tongue is touching the roof of the mouth
10. Close kitty’s mouth gently and stroke under chin
11. High five person holding kitty