Dr Sam’s self-isolation antics make the NEWS!

Having recently returned home from overseas, Dr Sam was required to self-isolate for two weeks. During his time in “captivity” he entertained his dog, Digby, by creating an obstacle course in his back yard using household items. Dr Sam then filmed Digby navigating his way through the course, parts of which proved to be quite challenging (riding a plastic tricycle). Check out the full story and watch the video HERE – it’s hilarious!

Dr Sam on the radio

Dr Sam has spent plenty of time on ABC radio talking about all sorts of veterinary issues! He covers everything from toxic foods to tick paralysis and hazards at the beach!

Dr Sam was recently invited into the studio of 612ABC Brisbane to talk about heat stress and how if effects our furry companions. In the process he dealt with everything from soiling staffies to chameleon goldfish, well… sort of. Don’t miss this captivating talk back session and stay tuned for more action as Dr Sam makes the intrepid journey to stardom!

How to tablet a Cat

For most people giving their cat a tablet is a complete circus at best. The cat usually gets the drift that something is awry early on and the struggle that ensues invariably leaves the owner frazzled +/- covered in saliva and the cat wondering how their owner came to be possessed by the devil. Here’s a helpful step by step process that will make tableting episodes less of a palaver and more of an exhibition of feline whispering prowess!

1. Pat the kitty
2. Give the kitty a little treat
3. Once treat has been consumed pat the kitty some more
4. Hold tablet in right hand in-between thumb and index finger
5. Have someone hold kitty’s body
6. Place index finger and thumb of left hand just behind the canine teeth on the upper jaw
7. Swivel remaining fingers of left hand around such that little finger and ring finger are spread apart at the back of kitty’s head
8. Tilt kitty’s head back so that nose is pointing towards the sky
9. Open lower jaw with middle finger of right hand and either place or drop tablet at the back of the mouth where the tongue is touching the roof of the mouth
10. Close kitty’s mouth gently and stroke under chin
11. High five person holding kitty

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Open Day

My Local Vet hosted it’s First Birthday Celebration on the 21st of May, 2016! We invited everyone we could including an animal farm! With free face painting, fairy floss and a BBQ the kids had an absolute ball whilst the adults thoroughly enjoyed the demonstrations and behind the scenes tour of the veterinary surgery! Thanks to all our amazing clients, staff and patients for making our First Birthday Party totally awesome!

Million Paws Walk

The My Local Vet made their debut appearance at Million Paws Walk in Cleveland this year with Dr Sam talking about Dangers for Dogs on stage whilst the rest of the crew took photos of pet parents and their fur-kids in costume! A great day was had by all except a few poor puppies who we treated at the scene for ant bites!


My Local Vet had a special visitor on the 9th of December, 2017! Santa arrived at My Local Vet!!!
A big thank you to everyone who came down to take a Christmas photo and get a cuddle with the big guy!
Santa could not have been more stoked with the amount of puppy cuddles he had today!